Meat Smoking Calculator

Below you’ll find the Meat Smoking Calculator. Simply select the type of meat you want to smoke, enter the weight and tell it when you want to serve your guests and the meat smoking calculator will does the rest and tell you your Meat Smoking Times.

You can play with injection, rest and rub times, or you might just choose to keep it simple.

Happy Smoking!

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* Change your skill level to “Advanced” and you can play with all the variables!

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READ IF INTERESTED: This tool is a work in progress. The calculations, cook time estimates, meat doneness temperatures and other ingredients used are based on those suggested in 9 out of 10 BBQ books/guides, friends, personal recommendations from competition pros like Harry Soo at Slap Yo’ Daddy, various websites and on my own personal cooking experiences.

Meat weight is based on a single post-trimmed piece, not the purchase weight with fat that you might trim. It is also not based on the entire contents placed in the cooker.

All meat cooking times are unpredictable. Larger pieces of meat over 13 pounds can be even more tricky and may or may not cook within the suggested cooking range. I am working on this but need cooking data from the community.

As the old saying goes, “It’s done when it’s done.” I recommend checking your internal temps regularly when you get to around 70% of the suggested cook time.

Please feel free to share data, calculations and ideas to make improvements! I’m a sponge and am committed to creating a tool which will be valuable to the BBQ community.

If you are willing, please share data with me in the comments below! Include meat type, weight, avg. pit temp, finish temp and actual cooking times. I’ll use this data to help dial it down to make the calculator as accurate as possible (within reason). Again, every piece of meat is unique and will differently based on their geometry, fat & muscle composition, moisture content, general humidity, etc. These factors make it a real challenge (if not impossible) to create a tool that is absolutely accurate. Honestly, it will probably forever be imperfect…BUT…It will likely HELP us to not have friends passed out on our couch at 10:30…still hungry and waiting to bite into some meaty goodness! 😉