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Meat Smoking Times and Temps made Easy! (Now adding Hot & Fast!)

Meat Smoking Calculator will create an INSTANT Personalized Step-by-Step Plan for Perfectly Smoked Meats On-Time, Every-Time...

Planning...  Ingredients...  Preparation...  Timing...

These are the most critical elements to making and serving great food - and having enough time is the most important part when it comes to slow and low!

Meat Smoking Calculator takes the thinking out of the process.  It makes cooking and serving amazing tasting smoked meats every time - and on time - because there's nothing worse than having hungry guests at your home waiting to eat because you didn't get the timing right.

Simply select the type of meat you want to smoke, enter the weight and select the date and time that you'd like to serve, the meat smoking calculator will do the rest and tell you all of your Meat Smoking Times.

You can even add time for injections, brines, marinades, rubs and resting...  Or, you can just keep it simple.

Happy Smoking - and please write us if you have any suggestions or questions!

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